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business sms gateway

MobileXdge MMS/SMS/WAP Push Gateway Version 6.0


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a visual communication mechanism for a variety of exciting services, from images, video, and audio to animated advertisements. MMS is highly effective for interactive brand communications and mobile commerce applications such as our M-Ticketing solution. MMS is a mass-market application and media rich communication channel to reach out to targeted audiences. MMS, leveraged on GPRS and 3G, allows companies to reach out to mobile phone users with Multi-media advertisements to catch their attention.

Scalable/Robust Architecture::
MobileXdge™ provides enterprise, corporate and MNCs the speed to broadcast SMS/MMS/WAP messages to their targeted customers or users. The robust architecture of MobileXdge™ enables the system to scale up to a maximum of 24 GSM/GPRS Modems. The in-built Smart Scheduler component within the MobileXdge™ provides routing/scheduling and rescheduling on the SMS/MMS/WAP to the recipients according to the Telco in which the recipients are on.

System Integration::
The system developer can choose from three platforms: Microsoft Visual Basic 6/ Microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2005/ Microsoft C#.Net 2005 to develop the MobileXdge™ Business Rules (i.everything) enable the system to be easily re-configured to provide seamless integration to any existing third party systems without rewriting the entire system.

Intelligent Time Control::
MobileXdge™ Intelligent Time Control feature allow companies to control their broadcasting time period, ensuring that marketing campaign will be conducted within the allocated time frame. The system will auto pause the broadcasting of the batch when it reaches the end of the allocated time frame for broadcasting, and resume the broadcasting the next day from the allocated start time of the allocated time frame for broadcasting. In addition, Intelligent Time Control enables the system to continue to send/receive any urgent messages defined outside the allocated time frame.

Mobile Survey::
In addition, the MOXRules of MobileXdge™ provides corporate to process SMS messages from different GSM modem port with different business ruling capabilities. This features enables MobileXdge™ to provide a maximum of 24 mobile survey rule set with different SIM Card ID number.

Mobile Mail::
The built-in Mobile Mail component allows the email box to be converted and channeled via SMS to the user’s mobile phone.

Mobile Ticketing::
MobileXdge™ comes with an in-built MMS Ticketing module that process real-time (barcode) MMS Ticket. Mobile phone users are able to receive their tickets instantly via MMS and proceed to the venue, the ticket safely stored in the phone.

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Product Features
• MM1 MMS Messaging
• MMS Coupon
• MMS Ticketing
• MMS Advertising
• Mobile Survey
• eMail to SMS forwarding
• MMS Messaging
• WAP Push Messaging
• SMS Messaging
• Intelligent Time Control
• Supports reception of concatenated multiple SMS messages
• Supports direct SMS/MMS Centre connection
• Supports message Delivery Report
• Supports SMS Ringtones/Logos/ Picture Messages
• Supports MMS Polyphonic/Java Games/ Color Graphics
• Supports more than 14 languages worldwide
• Supports up to 24 GSM/GPRS modems/ CDMA Modems (Text mode)
System Requirements
• CPU – Intel Pentium III
• HDD – 1 GB
• RAM – 512 MB
• MODEM – GSM/GPRS Modem or CDMA Modem (Text Mode)
• WAP/MMS – IIS Server
• OS – Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/2008/7/8
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