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business sms gateway

MobileXdge's SMS Mission Critical Features

business SMS Gateway load balancing

MobileXdge™:: Smart SMS Load Balancing Feature
MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway has a built-in Load balancing capabilities of up to 24 GSM/GPRS SMS modems. The system allow to manually specify which GSM/GPRS modems to transmit the SMS/MMS/WAP Push messages or allow the system to provide auto load balancing according to a predefined route table.

IP SMS modems pool

MobileXdge™:: Remote MOX GPRS/3G SMS Modem Feature
MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway robust architecture can be configured to access remote GPRS modems across various countries via the MOX Remote Ports. This means that you need just one MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway residing in one country, and the physical GPRS modems can be installed and placed in other countries. In additon, you will just need to manage one centralised database. Thus, with MOX Remote Ports, administrating and maintaining the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway made easier.

MobileXdge™:: Cross Platform Business SMS Messaging Feature
The robustness of the system to support cross platform business SMS messaging from a variety of platforms like Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, AS400, Windows OS, etc via a generic low level perl script

business sms gateway clustering

MobileXdge™:: MobileXdge™ Clustering Feature
MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway supports clustering to enable high availability of the system. When all the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway are all operating, the mobile messages load will be shared within the cluster. In the senario whereby any one of the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway fails, the other MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway will take to the load of the system that failed to operate.

sms modems failover redundency

MobileXdge™:: SMS Modem Redundency Support Feature
MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway allows up to 24 GSM modems to be connected. In the event when there is a failure in the GSM modem hardware, the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway will be able to detects the failure in the GSM modem hardware and shutdown the MOX station that operates on the GSM modem; if there are still some SMS/MMS/WAP Push messages stuck in the queue of the MOX station, the system will be able to rescuse the messages and re-distribute them to all the GSM modems that are operating.

MobileXdge™:: SMS Error notification & Reporting Feature via email
MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway comes with an MX Daemon that monitors the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway. In the event if the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMs/WAP Push Gateway cease to operate due to some fatal error, the MX Daemon will generate an alert email to the administrator. In addition, the system allow you to configure to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on the status and statistics of the MobileXdge™ SMS/MMs/WAP Push Gateway.

sms delivery status report

MobileXdge™:: SMS Status Delivery Reporting Feature
MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway can be configured to receive Message Status Delivery Report. This feature is crucial for organisation that needs a detailed record on the status of every messages sent, like when it reaches the the mobile operator, and when it reached the mobile phone.

business sms system integration

MobileXdge™:: Open Source Code for seamless integration
The robust arhitecture of MobileXdge™ SMS/MMS/WAP Push Gateway enable any third party application to integrate seamlessly by customising the Open Source MOXRules in Visual Basic.

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Product Features
• MMS Coupon
• MMS Ticketing
• MMS Advertising
• Mobile Survey
• eMail to SMS forwarding
• MMS Messaging
• WAP Push Messaging
• SMS Messaging
• Supports reception of concatenated multiple SMS messages
• Supports direct SMS/MMS Centre connection
• Supports message Delivery Report
• Supports SMS Ringtones/Logos/ Picture Messages
• Supports MMS Polyphonic/Java Games/ Color Graphics
• Supports more than 14 languages worldwide
• Supports up to 24 GSM/GPRS modems
System Requirements
• CPU – Intel Pentium III
• HDD – 1 GB
• RAM – 512 MB
• WAP/MMS – IIS Server
• OS – Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP
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