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A lot of resources are needed when software development is concerned. WorldLink provides feasibility studies and project sizing to companies that need to evaluate the cost-benefits on software solution proposed. The purpose of feasibility study ( Software Requirements Analysis ) is not to solve the problem, but to determine whether the problem is worth solving. The feasibility study( Software Requirements Analysis ) concentrates on the following areas:

  • Operational feasibility study tests the operational scope of the software to be developed. The proposed software must have high operational feasibility. The usability will be high.
  • The technical feasibility study compares the level of technology available in the software development firm and the level of technology required for the development of the product. Here the level of technology consists of the programming language, the hardware resources, Other software tools etc.
  • The economic feasibility study evaluate the cost of the software development against the ultimate income or benefits gets from the developed system. There must be scopes for profit after the successful Completion of the project.

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