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AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable GSM modem Pool (8 in-built GSM/GPRS modems)


AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modem comes with 8 GSM/GPRS modems modules within an 1U casing unit. The single console allows easy mounting onto a standard 19" server rack. The unit is accessible via TCP/IP 10/100 base network through it RJ45 port located at the back of the unit. Additional AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modems can be installed with minimum effort by simply attaching the AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modem onto the network hub. It allows modular expansion of additional AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modem of up to 128 AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modems per server. The AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modem allows application to easily access the unit via a Local Area Network. It has been used on large scale deployments for large volume SMS/MMS messaging requirements. The AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable modem allows application to easily hot-swapable as the modem is not directly attached to the PC Server.

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Product Features
• 1 x AXP GSM/GPRS Stackable GSM Modem Pool (With 8 Wavecom GSM/GPRS Modules in-built)
• 8 x Antennas
• 1 x UTP (RJ45) Cable
• 1 x Power Adaptor
• 1 x CD Driver Disk
System Requirements
• SIM cards - up to 8 SIM cards from Telcos
• OS Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP
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