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MobileXdge™ SMPP Messaging Gateway


MobileXdge™ SMPP Messaging Gateway provides reliable high throughput two way SMS messaging via SMPP connections to the mobile operators or SMS Centres directly. The system supports up to 180 concurrent SMPP connections for high throughput SMS messaging. That is why MobileXdge™ SMPP Messaging Gateway is the preferred SMPP Gateway for SMS aggregators around the World. The system supports SMPP version 3.40. The system provides seamless integration to any database system, in which the Business Logic Rules can be customized in depth using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express or Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express.

MobileXdge™ SMPP Messaging Gateway runs as an Windows Services, which handles all the SMS messaging in unattended mode. With the system in place, there is no limit to your creativity in using SMS messages: automating SMS alerts, SMS reminders, SMS broadcasting, etc. MobileXdge™ SMPP Messaging Gateway supports multi-lingual concatenated SMS messages, binary SMS messages, WAP Push messages, WAP Push bookmark messages. In addition, you can enable the Delivery Status Reporting feature for the SMS messages which will allow you to know if the SMS message has been delivered to the mobile handsets.

Should you require more information about our MobileXdge SMPP Messaging Gateway, feel free to contact us.

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Product Features
180 SMPP connections – Supports up to 180 concurrent SMPP Connections.
Load Balancing – Supports Load Balancing of SMS traffic to multiple SMPP Connections.
Seamless Integration – Integrate seamlessly into any backend database enterprise system.
Concatenated SMS – Send long concatenated SMS Message.
Multi-lingual SMS – Send Multi-lingual unicode SMS Message.
WAP Push SMS – Send WAP Push SMS Message.
Flash SMS – Send Flash SMS Message.
Binary SMS – Send binary SMS Message.
Incoming SMS – Receiving incoming SMS messages.
Delivery Status – Ability to obtain the delivery status of every SMS Sent.
OpenSource Rules – In depth customization of the Business Rules can be done to integrate to the backend system using VB6, 2008 Express or VB.Net 2008 Express
Sample Application – The Sample application is open souce written in Visual Basic 6. Programmers can make use of this application as a reference to their developement of other SMS applications.
System Logs – System logs all incoming/outgoing SMS messages. System will auto-archive the logfiles daily.
sms softwareSystem Requirements
• Internet Lease Connection
• CPU – Intel Pentium II
• HDD – 1GB
• RAM – 1 GB
• OS – Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
sms software
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sms software

sms software

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