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SMS Integration Services


With more than 12 years of experience in building and integrating SMS Solutions for thousands of World Wide customers’ computer backend systems, and being one of the pioneers in the SMS messaging industry, we are well positioned to provide consultancy/ professional advices and implementation on any integration of SMS services into your computer backend infrastructure.

Some of the computer systems we have integrate with:-

  • SMS Ticketing & Coupons
  • SMS Escalation (Support System)
  • SMS Chatting
  • Email to SMS (pop3, exchange, lotus)
  • SMS Marketing
  • SMS Survey
  • SMS Content Management
  • SCADA Systems & Remote Management System
  • SMS Voting/Polling
  • SMS Search Engine
  • SMS Monitoring
  • SMS Gaming
  • SMS Dual Authentication
  • SMS Customer Relationship Management
  • SMS Event Management System
  • SMS Attendance System
  • Mission Critical SMS Alerting System
  • Secure SMS Transaction (Encrypted)
Contact us for more information on our SMS Integration Services.

What is required
  • Description on how your backend Computer system initiate an alert SMS
  • The alert SMS format
  • The rules in which you want the SMS to be sent, SMS blast or escalation
What you will received
  • Recommendations on how to integrate the SMS solution into your backend system
  • Documentation on the customized integrated SMS solution
  • Setup toolkit for the customized integrated SMS solution
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