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Cloud SMS Services

Cloud SMS Services


Focusing on company key core business is important in this ever increasing competitive global market. In WorldLink, we provide one stop SMS solution hosting specifically tailored to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We understand that every clients' requirements are different; thus we extend our service offering to not only on standard package Cloud SMS services, but to be able to customized our SMS solution to meet the clients' requirements on our Cloud SMS Services; eliminating the need of the clients to handle any technical issues, hosting and maintaining the whole system. Some of the advantages of Cloud SMS Services: -

  • Accessibility Using a cloud service, you can access your SMS system from all your devices anytime, anywhere. So, if youíre on a business trip and need to access the your SMS system, you can access it via an external computer.
  • Convenience As all associated services are fully managed by the provider, you donít have to care about anything. You donít need any additional physical device (like an external GSM modem to send SMS). Also many businesses have discovered this advantage. Itís for sure one main reason why the percentage of enterprises using cloud computing is about to rise from 36 % to 52 % this year
  • Affordability Especially now that the economic situation cries for cost saving, the low prices of cloud services come in handy. Several businesses reckon they can cut costs up to 20 % a year
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