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NuXleus SMS Messaging System


NuXleus SMS System is a standalone two-way SMS messaging PC software with which you can manage your entire sms need from your desktop in your office, home-office or laptop. The sms software is desgined to allow the software to manage all the customers records and profile from the system; whereby, allowing the users peace-of-mind on their data secuirty.

NuXleus SMS Software provides a comprehensive arrays of data management facilities such as allowing the users to import one time mobile numbers for for ad-hoc broadcasting, selective multi-groups broadcasting, scheduled broadcasting, etc. You can send multi-lingual concatenated SMS messages to 194 Countries Worldwide. The system enables the user to define the Sender Identity, which is a very powerful branding feature for SMS marketing. In addition, the system is able to send SMS from the contacts list within Microsoft OutLook.

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smpp broadcastingProduct Features
Ad-hoc SMS Broadcasting Import mobile numbers for one time SMS broadcasting.
Multi-Groups SMS Broadcasting Select contacts within multiple groups for SMS Broadcasting.
Scheduled SMS Broadcasting The scheduled SMS broadcast will be uploaded and scheduled on WorldLink SMS Centre.
Concatenated SMS Send long concatenated SMS Message.
Multi-lingual SMS Send Multi-lingual unicode SMS Message.
Address Book Contacts can be assigned to multiple groups. User can import their address book from CSV file.
SMS Templates SMS Templates for commonly use messages.
Microsoft Outlook Integration System can broadcast the Contacts from Microsoft Outlook.
System Log/Reports Logs of incoming/outgoing SMS messages. User can export the data to CSV.
Data Security Communication between WorldLink host and the application is via secure internet protocol.
Access Control Prevent unauthorised usage of the system through user id and password logon.
sms broadcastingSystem Requirements
• mobileXlerts SMS Credits
• Stable Internet Connection
• CPU Intel Pentium II
• RAM 1 GB
• OS Windows 32 bits/ 64 bits OS
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